However, he came to a sudden stop and grinned malevolently, saying, "Oh, Anna. She suddenly shushed Olaf after noticing that they were surrounded by Earth Giants. Kai and Gerda escorted Anna inside the library, where Hans was gathered with the Duke of Weselton and dignitaries; upon seeing the princess, Hans immediately rushed over to help her. While Elsa's desire to stay away from Anna was out of her love for her, Anna felt distanced from her and constantly tried to reconnect with Elsa without understanding or knowing about Elsa's ice and snow magic, as her memories of Elsa's frosty magic were erased after the troll king revived her. Elsa and Anna truly care and love each other, and while Elsa was too scared of hurting Anna to get close to her, and Anna was at times somewhat pushy and insistent on helping Elsa (which could at times make things worse), and both are complete opposites, the two will always love each other and do anything for the sake of the other's happiness. Though the snowball had no visible effect, the snowman was enraged and roared, causing ice spikes to erupt from his joints. After some searching, Anna and Elsa found him covered in snow by a tree. Anna and Hans never wed, so it turns out the trolls were right! From that point on, it's accepted that Agnarr and Iduna are dead and Elsa grows up to be queen. However, Anna stopped him so she could confront and punch Hans instead. This left Anna and Elsa feeling slightly uncertain, but Kristoff assured the sisters that they didn't need a big party, and explained his tradition to them through a ballad. She tried to make the best of the situation and maintain her cherished relationship with Elsa, but she always found herself ignored. Though Kristoff remarked the danger in scaling the cliff, Anna immediately started climbing, with the goal of seeing Elsa. Anna went into the dining hall and admired the setup; she tried to take some kransekake from the feast, only for Olaf to burst from it. He was also annoyed when he lost his sled due to having to accompany Anna on her journey to find Elsa, and only continued to accompany her after Sven convinced him. Impulsively, Anna jumped from the cliff, pulling Kristoff over the edge with her. However, as the two spent time together and he began to see more of her fiery and sweet character, he became smitten with her, and it seemed reciprocated, but both continued to deny and ignore this because of Anna's previous engagement to Hans. Their spirits high, the couple returned to the Great Hall, where they hoped to attain Elsa's blessing. Stating that she did not dance, Elsa suggested that Anna dance with the Duke in her stead. Anna told her bedridden sister that taking care of her was the best birthday present ever. At the beginning of the film, Livvy Stubenrauch and Katie Lopez provide her speaking and singing voice as a … Feeling the whole situation to be her fault, Anna insisted that Elsa was simply scared and volunteered to bring the queen back.

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