Beautiful vine with medium-sized bright white flowers bloom from summer to fall. 'Huldine' is a very strong-growing variety that is perfect for covering large supports such as buildings or trees. Clematis 'Huldine' is a vigorous deciduous climber that grows 10 to 15 feet and produces many small, white, 3- to 4-inch flowers with white filaments and bright yellow anthers in mid to late summer. Horticultural Group Late Large-flowered clematis are deciduous climbers with large, star-shaped flowers to 15cm wide, opening on the current year's growth in summer and autumn Details 'Huldine' is a very large, vigorous deciduous climber with profuse pearly-white flowers to 10cm across, with pinkish-mauve central bars on the underside. It grows best in full sun or partial shade and is a member of clematis pruning group 3, which includes species and cultivars that flower on the current year’s growth. Our best repeat white blooming Clematis. ... As with all the late-flowering clematis, pruning is easy. Very vigorous grower. Clematis Huldine has a … HULDINE. Width depends on how trained to support. Excellent for training on a trellis or wall. Huldine blooms pearly white, 4-inch flowers with a purple-violet stripe on the underside of the flowers which shows through as a pink bar. Good in Container. Medium size (4-5″) white flowers with yellow anthers. Pruning type 3. Clematis Huldine is offered in a full gallon size with free shipping! The margins of each tepal glow with a blush of mauve! Blooms on new wood, prune to ground in early spring.

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