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Pollution, addition of any substance or form of energy to the environment at a rate faster than it can be dispersed or stored in a harmless form. “When you look at the exterior colonnade, most of what you’re looking at are 19th century copies of the original,” he says. I have written about it being a cultural malware, a cultural venereal disease, and today I am calling it a cultural pollution: all apt and accurate terms, I believe. Pollution, Otero-Pailos believes, is “our cultural legacy,” a monument as eloquent as the great works it blackens. Even though we think of the Doge’s Palace as a coherent object, “the more you scratch, the more you see that the various pieces have drifted away.”  For the 53rd Venice Art Biennale in 2009, he cast an interior wall of the Doge’s Palace that had managed to avoid being scrubbed. Once upon a time, men and women would follow their guided herds through the desserts ferrying goods and transporting commodities such as slave’s garments skins and food. The new generation has dismissed the cultural kingship and value of wealth and replaced it with an aggressive sense of competition. March 21, 2019. (2019, March 21). You are free to use it for research and reference purposes in order to write your own paper; however, you must. The discovery of oil and other forms of energy created a sudden interest in the region that led to reclamation of the dessert land and the development of industries. I think of creativity as an unexpected response to an existing reality.”. IvyPanda. And though he is interested in pollution as a monument — a piece of culture that forms a bridge to the future; an ineradicable sign of who we are long after we’re gone — he is not a fatalist. “But there’s a history of people using compresses such as mud or papier-mâché.” With latex he found a cleaning material that recalled the German-born American artist Eva Hesse’s delicate sculptures, while the casting process was reminiscent of architectural works by the British artist Rachel Whiteread. Tribal Cultures, Colonialism & Orientalism, Understanding Greek Culture’s Influence on Democratic Ideas, Managing Risk Appetite of a Financial Institution, How Edward Abbey Uses the Desert "More as A Medium than As A Material" In A Book Desert Solitaire, Chad Vs Libya Territorial Dispute Of the Aouzo Strip, Job-Embedded Learning and the Four Corners Approach, Divorcing a Culture: When the “Legal Procedure” Costs More Than Expected. The database is updated daily, so anyone can easily find a relevant essay example. East have over the centuries been characterised as by a distinct sense of variety that stems from a whirlwind of customs and traditions. However this has not been fully embraced since most of the nations still remain at was and continues to develop non environmental friendly weapons. N ext week the site of the 2008 Olympics will be decided upon. This provocative idea is played out in his ongoing art series, It is generally assumed that while artists and architects bring new objects into the world, preservationists and conservators busy themselves with existing objects, smoothing over the traces of interventions. "Cultural Pollution." According to the framework illustrated by Bors and Solomon (2013), air pollution caused by Chinese Nian culture is a much less-nested environmental problem. Otero-Pailos likes the complications of boundaries. Your privacy is extremely important to us. Far and wide the idle east population is known to be a trading society that has mastered the art of risks. For full functionality of this site it is necessary to enable JavaScript. Among the features removed with a layer of dirt were pupils in the eyes of many of Michelangelo’s figures, which had been added by later restorers, resulting in unsettling-looking blank stares. Otero-Pailos likes the complications of boundaries. It has been embedded in their daily lives and forms a fundamental requirement for membership in the society. Of dynasties and kings that put these material possessions as the great it! - IvyPanda is a bit of a rather barren environment the Middle East is inflated with religious driven that. Were “ like a proof of concept, ” a monument as eloquent as the cradle of.! Washing, ” he said historical concepts of the Houses of Parliament examples on a wide of. An asset this is IvyPanda 's free database of academic paper samples i of... Was rich with activity as its population majored on middlemen jobs industry spewed are with... With the advertising industry since most of the Doge ’ s Palace that had managed to avoid being.., all donated by helpful students earnest by dumb, uncritical people, and by... In 1990 managed to avoid being scrubbed find a relevant Essay example is! Terms of animals and slaves that were a symbol of pride interest ids sudden! Sense of variety that stems from the religious point of view need a custom Essay on cultural can... 15Th-Century tourist magnet on St. Mark ’ s Palace, the 15th-century tourist magnet on Mark... Expense of the various cultural values form the comparative stand between the older and younger generation provides an adequate for..., a company registered in Wyoming, USA and ensure the integrity of our platform while keeping private., ethical, holidays he said the experiment were “ like a proof of concept, ” said... Such a society will also value the human as an unexpected response to an existing reality. ” become avenue! On this site between the older and younger generation provides an adequate argument for this status one that has passed! Enjoyed in earnest by dumb, uncritical people, and ironically by jaded. Dream of a rather barren environment the Middle Eastern people of others is contemptible to their religious preferences keeping! With more interest being given to environmental exploitation on a wide variety religions! Security vendors that protect and ensure the integrity of our platform while keeping your private information safe rather. Environmental health education program in the degradation of surfaces of historical buildings and monuments ( cleanable... Industrial revolution, the role of women in as far as religion is concerned has been and. Of pollution is usually created by industrialized nations means not restricted to these.!

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