Learn more, PSA: You should probably avoid killing this recurring Last of Us 2 character. Soon afterward, though she's somewhat forced into it, Ellie murders Owen and Mel, only to discover Mel was pregnant. Enemies scream in pain as they bleed out after you blow off their limbs or shred their bodies with explosives. They attack Joel and Tommy; Abby seeks revenge against Joel for murdering her father, a Firefly surgeon (Derek Phillips). If other characters in The Last of Us deserve death for their actions, Joel certainly does. NY 10036. As Ellie searches for Abby and the rest of her friends in the aftermath of Joel's murder, we learn more and more about Ellie's state of mind--and often have the whole story recontextualized in the middle of playing it. Ellie might feel justified in going after Abby for revenge, but Abby felt just as justified in going after Joel. [40] To achieve the sound of the Shamblers, the team hired voice actors Raul Ceballos and Steve Blum, and used items such as grapefruits to create the explosion sounds. [70] Vice's Zacny found that the audio design made settings feel more lifelike in a way that the visuals occasionally failed to do. As Abby, you meet a number of people Ellie killed in the first half of the game, and you learn more about them as people. When Dina speculates about who Abby and her group might have been and why they might have been after Joel, Ellie replies that Joel "crossed a lot of people." [68] Alex Avard of GamesRadar+ felt that the narrative lost its momentum during its need to finalize every story thread. [24] For the final months of development, the team was forced to work from home due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Following some delays, partly due to the COVID-19 pandemic, The Last of Us Part II was released on June 19, 2020. [111], In October 2020, Game Informer ranked The Last of Us Part II among the best games of the generation. [76][85] Many of the negative reviews criticized the characterization and plot;[84][86] some complained of "social justice warrior" politics, with vitriolic responses to LGBT characters. And it's a shame that TLOU2 doesn't seem to expect players to "get it" without structural gymnastics. Why would developers hold back our understanding of Joel and Ellie's relationship, if it's the driving force behind everything she does? The player traverses post-apocalyptic environments such as buildings and forests to advance the story. You will receive a verification email shortly. [99] In the United States, it was the best-selling game of June 2020 and became the third-best-selling game of the year within two weeks, generating the highest first-month sales of the year. There's no in-game reward for sparing Bear, but you'll definitely feel a little less shameful as a result, and can happily play catch with him without any niggling sense of existential guilt. The Last of Us Part 2 messes with your understanding quite a bit, and not just by shifting perspectives in the middle of the game to expand on the character of Abby, the focus of Ellie's revenge obsession. The game is so hung up on the "gotcha" moment of revealing Ellie's true knowledge of Joel that it undercuts the much more interesting exploration of how she deals with her trauma and pain, and what effects that has on the world around her. Publisher Sony Interactive Entertainment granted the developer an additional two weeks of development for bug fixes. Regardless of how you feel about Joel, he's a guy who Had It Coming to a huge degree. Baker responded to another comment from Schreier, that "video games are too long", with a quote from US president Theodore Roosevelt about critics being less valuable than creators. [69] USgamer's Kat Bailey found the latter half to be noticeably slow, noting that the game was five hours "too long". [67] McNamara of Game Informer similarly lauded the realistic-looking characters. TLOU2 kicks off with Joel revisiting his decision at the end of the last game to kill the Fireflies in order to save Ellie from them. You need a javascript enabled browser to watch videos. The character you care about, the character you play, is not the hero of the story, as has been the case in thousands of games before this one--the character you care about is the villain. Their performances included the simultaneous recording of motion and voice. first of all, i wasnt agreeing that Abbys a monster, i was only making comparisons on what the general consensus about the 2 characters where (duh dude), in my opinion, i think Abby is just human, and i think she would do what any of us would have done, again (feeling like a broken record at this moment) the fact she wanted to take her time killing her fathers murder isnt anything that sets her apart from a … [7] Bailey also criticized the dissonance between the game's statement against violence while also necessitating it during gameplay. "[15] Kaity Kline of NPR wrote that the game "made me very aware of the little things in my life that I take for granted, the kinds of things you don't appreciate until they're ripped away forever". Joel tied off the loose ends to ensure the Fireflies would never come for Ellie again in an attempt to make a cure. A year later, Ellie and Dina are living on a farm, raising Dina and Jesse's son, though Ellie suffers from post-traumatic stress. The Last of Us Part II is a 2020 action-adventure game developed by Naughty Dog and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment for the PlayStation 4. [2] "Listen Mode" allows the player to locate enemies through a heightened sense of hearing and spatial awareness, indicated as outlines visible through walls and objects. [38], Gustavo Santaolalla returned to compose and perform the score, as he had done with the first game,[39] while Mac Quayle contributed to combat music. [14] Player companions, such as Dina, assist in combat by killing enemies or announcing their location. Meanwhile, Ellie leaves only destruction in her wake, for her enemies as well as her friends. The Last of Us Part 2 wants Ellie's role in the story (as well as yours, as the player), to be its big twist--but it's one that comes at the expense of developing and understanding Ellie's character. The twists in the story play out as if the idea that you might not be heroically dispatching an endless parade of evil mooks is something that has never crossed your mind, but we get there long before TLOU2 expects us to. [1] Control intermittently switches between Ellie and Abby;[2] the player also briefly controls Joel in the opening sequence. [92], In another article, Hernandez observed that the discourse surrounding The Last of Us Part II had become adversarial, with "bigots" attacking the game for its diverse cast and Naughty Dog becoming defensive. [9] In the cover system, the player can crouch behind obstacles to gain advantages in combat, and can also crawl in a prone position to evade enemies. The 25 Best Horror Games To Play On Halloween 2020, PS5 Console Preview: An Un-PlayStation Look That's Stark And Striking, Demon's Souls PS5: Fractured Mode, Respec, World Tendency Details, By Bear is thus not to be confused with Alice, who you'll have no choice to kill during a QTE sequence in Seattle Day 3 as Ellie in the marina (RIP). [101] In the United Kingdom, it became the fastest-selling physical PlayStation 4 game, outselling previous record-holder Uncharted 4 by at least 1% and The Last of Us by 76%. [76], Critics praised the cast's performances, particularly that of Ashley Johnson, Troy Baker, and Laura Bailey. By extension, to some degree, you are too. From there, Ellie's descent only gets darker. [1][73] Yannick Le Fur of Jeuxvideo.com wrote that supporting characters such as Jesse and Manny lacked development and were simply used to advance the narrative. [29] She particularly wanted to explore the multifaceted behavior of Ellie, showing her power as well as her insecurities. If Ellie, Dina, and Tommy had all left together, then they may have … [4] VG247's McKeand found that the performances made the narrative more powerful. [49] The second trailer, released in October 2017 as a part of Paris Games Week, revealed Abby, Yara, and Lev. The Last of Us Part 2 deals with the consequences of Joel's actions in a way games usually don't as his decision comes back to haunt him. [47] On April 27, Sony announced a new release date of June 19, 2020. Here, you play Ellie in that fight as she forces Abby into the confrontation by threatening to hurt Lev. That's not because she doesn't know, because it's clear Ellie has some idea. She's an invading force, killing indiscriminately, and making zero attempts to prevent any amount of harm. ", "The Last of Us Part II Interview – Adding Depth, Staying Grounded, And The Cost Of Revenge", "There are games that are just comfort food. Sorry, but you can't access this content! Good. It was praised for its performances, characters, visual fidelity, and gameplay, though the narrative and the representation of a transgender character polarized critics and players. That makes it easier to get behind Ellie when she goes after Abby--in Ellie's mind, we assume, Joel's murderers had no justification. TLOU2 doesn't need to hold back key characterization details to shock you with the realization that Ellie is a villain, because it's obvious from her actions and attitude, and the body count you can easily pile up even early in the story. The pup can then be found at the WLF base in the Seattle stadium once the story transitions to Abby's perspective, who's even able to pet and play catch with Bear before heading out for patrol with another soon-to-be-murdered-by-Ellie canine, Alice. What's more, you see Abby choosing to help people and mitigate harm on several occasions, in contrast to Ellie. Naughty Dog's games are strongest when it builds believable, well-rounded characters, and The Last of Us Part 2 often does that. [15] Andrew Webster of The Verge praised the relationship between Ellie and Dina, though noted some dissonance in Ellie's behavior between gameplay and cutscenes. [3] The nimble nature of the player character introduces platforming elements to the game, allowing the player to jump and climb to traverse environments and gain advantages during combat. [62] An update to the game on August 13 added a permadeath mode, a new difficulty level, and gameplay modifiers. [20], Druckmann wrote the story with Halley Gross. [60] From May 13 to June 3, Naughty Dog released a series of videos about the development. [13] IGN's Dornbush similarly felt that the combat gameplay and puzzle elements had been improved, praising the intelligence and variation of enemies. Waverly felt that "Lev's story isn't made for trans people, but to give cisgender players a space to connect with their guilt and pity for trans people". Visit our corporate site. [4] The player is able to scavenge limited-use melee weapons such as machetes and hammers,[8] and throw bricks and bottles to distract or attack enemies.

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