We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. That the SEC was not the ACC!!! Could it be that when Justin Fields went to the Georgia practice that he was able to talk to Jamie Newman and convince him that football life in Athens is not all that great. Wonder why Justin Fields is still in the The spread is ‍♂️, Justin Fields should not be on the right up 28 with 7 minutes playing with . Georgia is still looking for their first national title since 1980. #GoDawgs. And we need all of our QBs to stay ready!!! But the offense will be better for having practiced against them. Ohio State held a football practice yesterday, but I have seen nothing indicating whether or not Fields was there. — Danny Kanell (@dannykanell) September 2, 2020, @justnfields whatcha doing bro? I guarantee I’m not singing BABY COME BACK!!! Made the throws look easy! YES BECAUSE JUSTIN FIELDS DIDN’T SAY ANY SUCH THING!!!! Please sign in or register. A 2012 graduate of the University of Missouri, Adam now covers all 14 SEC football teams. There was no racism. The offense looked sloppy!!! Three and a half weeks till Game 1. You’re better off believing the Earth is flat than believing Justin Fields is returning to Georgia. Sign me up. 31-14, Ohio State. They don’t want to deal with that. I doubt Fields would even be allowed to transfer at this late date because it would start an avalanche of Big 10 players trying to transfer. If somehow Fields returns to Athens, which that would be more bizarre than the Prayer at Jordan-Hare ;), he’s an idiot imo. Those are riot-provoking words. @Bron_Season My favorite is Justin fields but i also like watching spencer rattler Travis Etienne and jaylen waddle. Justin Fields shared a petition via Twitter for anyone to sign as a voice to overturn the league’s decision. It takes time. Uh – Justin got immediate eligibility at OSU . We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. Was probably a worry as well. Rapid Reaction Justin Fields excels through the air and on the ground as No. @tanishkamascara Hey if we somehow got a top 2 pick and it was Justin Fields instead of Trevor Lawrence there will be no tears shed. He should be eligible. — Jon Ewing (@jontewing) September 2, 2020. If they were. Then they have real problems. Encouragement and Nuance @AlexFunderburke if Justin Fields can be in the conversation before playing a game, Dillon Gabriel sure as heck should be now. I would rather have JT Daniels any day of the week. Haskell Garrett 2. ACCEPT JUST NOT HAVING SPRING. pic.twitter.com/5eul3iAaRH, — John May (@juandemayo) September 2, 2020, “Baby come back, any kind of fool could see. But his father talked him into staying. When everyone else was on Newman!!!! And coming home in a pandemic. But I’m kind of excited that Newman opted out. Kirby decisions making is the reason Justin Fields took his talent to OSU. He probably gets immediate eligibility. The quarterback-to-quarterback pass to end the first round of warmups is still a thing. Either way, Georgia needs a new starter, so we’ll see where coach Kirby Smart turns moving forward. But that’s all. Kirby said he was happy with ALL his QBs! @_brunocoe Trevor Lawrence ainda é o QB1, mas o Justin Fields nessa temporada muito provavelmente vai chegar muito próximo dele. Justin Fields is officially back What a dime (via @CFBONFOX). Is #QB2. All the QBs except Stedson were practicing with the starting unit. That’s ridiculous. I’ve heard the same. But to prove you are full of $hit. He was decent enough at Wake but a Heisman contender? Which, from all known accounts, Newman isn’t. The only missed pass was a drop in the end zone .... Justin Fields has to be the #1 player on the Jags draft board the throws he made where to guys who are playing on Sundays and the Touch Is Russ like. Yes he would be welcome. You opened a can of worms here. @Gator out west…….You act like the NCAA is just crazy about UGA. PS. Not to mention the fact that there’s not time for a waiver and no hardship since he has an extra year of eligibility. PS. The #GrowWithGoogle Google Career Certificates will help Americans get qualifications in high-paying, high-growth job fields—with no college degree. I can be the best QB in the country. He left Georgia and didn’t have to sit. (Photo by G Fiume/Maryland Terrapins/Getty Images), NFL Simulator Has Telling Results For Antonio Brown, Video: ACC Quarterback With The Wildest Touchdown Of The Season, Ohio State Fans Have 1 Clear Message For Ryan Day Today, Potentially Troubling Video Of Giants Stars Appears On Social Media, Urban Meyer Has Quite The Comparison For Justin Fields, NFL “Discussing” New Playoff Scenario, Per Adam Schefter, LeBron James Has A Blunt Message For Vice President Mike Pence, Fans React To Play From Christian McCaffrey’s Brother, Luke McCaffrey, Everyone’s Making The Same Joke About The Big Ten’s Start, Kevin Warren Has 1 Obvious Concern For The Big Ten Season, Everyone Said The Same Thing About Vince Vaughn’s College GameDay Appearance, Photo: Michigan College GameDay Sign Is Pretty Embarrassing, How 1 Bills Tight End Avoided Team’s COVID-19 Outbreak, Look: The NFL Sent Another Warning To Teams This Week, Jaylen Waddle Appears To Suffer Serious Injury On Kickoff vs. Tennessee, 3 Buffalo Bills Players Are Now Out vs. What do you mean the Earth isn’t flat? My bet, D’Wan’s under center against Arky, and that makes me smile. But, is speculating wildly about it fun? Georgia will be fine. If Georgia is allowed to have Justin Fields while Cade Mays sits on the sideline I will riot. Nothing wrong with not wanting to risk your health, but why wait this long to make that decision? But keep telling yourself whatever you need to. @BC……Hardship is he wants to play this season before the NFL DRAFT. But personally I don’t think we need Justin Fields. They man up and do there job! Even Justin Fields said. LSU…Agreed…he’s got the best arm in camp for the Dawgs. Mark my words. So fields is going back to the school that didn’t give him much of a chance to be the starter from OSU? That’s a tough choice each and every player across the country has to make, and Newman had decided to sit out during the pandemic. The timimg of Fields being there and Newman opting out are just very strange. But if Field’s wanted to come home. It is only 1 scrimmage. Not an OSU fan by any means but I’d lying if I said I wasn’t super excited to watch them today, especially Justin fields. I am sure Smart has a capable qb. He would have to sit out a year, and Fields is not sitting out a year. Tim Collins Best players for OSU not named Justin Fields today: 1. Now the right QB will be given the proper chance to truly get ready for the season. @HunterOpp2 I do have to say did you see Justin Fields was 21 of 22 today and 2tds. Props and good luck the rest of the season, ryan day is leaving justin fields in the game entirely so that the beat is left without an easy x player is the backup quarterback story. Another O lineman from the big 10 just jumped in the portal recently. Then imagine how strong Mathis arm must be.

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