HyPhy (Hypothesis Testing using Phylogenies) is an open-source software package for the analysis of genetic sequences (in particular the inference of natural selection) using techniques in phylogenetics, molecular evolution, and machine learning. I tried to make good music and create something for everybody, for every region. I’m doing a shoe it’s called Keak’s Sneakers, and I’m doing a hat — a 5950 New Era Keak Da Sneak hat. Main Entry: hyphy Pronunciation: "HIGH-fee" Function: adjective Etymology: Etymology: San Francisco Bay Area, shortened perhaps from English dialect "hyperactive"; other sources cite a combination of "hype" and "fly." BallerStatus, LLC. Back then I probably wouldn’t put on no slacks, but now I’ll do that. By the time E-40, the aptly christened Ambassador of the Bay, headlined Super Hyphy 5, all hell was due to break loose. To accommodate the clustering crowds, Super Hyphy 6 moved to the Sonoma County Fairgrounds and its larger 1,200-person capacity venue to feature legendary Oakland pimp-stylist Too $hort. It’s all about who is going to open that door for them. Relocating to San Jose or Silicon Valley? I feel like I haven’t been heard the way I should. That’s like the uniform day to day in the streets. "We gotta pay him a few thousand more dollars now," Gelotte shrugs, "but you know, he's E-40. Keak Da Sneak: Well my “Super Hyphy” track was getting 1000 plays a week on the radio, that’s how I got that “Super Sweet Sixteen” and that was before that E-40 album. So that night we did a song for him and Alchemist. Dis shii slap hella 2020-02-04T04:10:44Z Comment by nichols solomon. Keak Da Sneak: I got an All N Da Doe Family album coming out in August. I ain’t 35, so no three-piece suits just yet, but I will grow up. I’ve dropped a lot of albums and mixtapes, but this is the first one in a while and first on Koch. That I wasn’t just a one hit wonder, and that it’s not all based on that. By then, mid-2006, the umbrella term of hyphy, having been co-opted and overinflated as a vessel for commercial hype, had entered a creative tailspin. This record will show that I’m here to stay. $30. Is the movement dead? It's how we always do. And Copium(the last album I dropped). Keak Da Sneak: (laughs) I mean, yeah they have. But I also feel like I have a lot more fans right now then before. Keak Da Sneak: I was out here in New York on “106 & Park” — and I met Prodigy. Super Hyphy 20 with E-40, San Quinn, Turf Talk, Dem Hoostarz, Berner and Hot Dollar completes the journey on Saturday, Sept. 29, at the Phoenix Theater. Plus I’m a Mobb Deep fan period. There'd been one-off shows before, like the notorious Mac Dre appearance at the Phoenix Theater in 2001. So I’m the only person that can explain that. ", (Or burn, perhaps, in the courtroom. BallerStatus.com: So you said you’ve grown up a lot. I did notice that. "Everybody's making it, and a lot of people are making it poorly, and I think that's really watering it down.". Your email address will not be published. Set to leave the next big mark is hyphy head honcho, Keak Da Sneak. BallerStatus.com: What do you think will be the mainstream appeal to this album? BallerStatus.com: If you were stuck on an island with on plate of food, one album and one pair of shoes what would they be? I’m from Oakland. It'll be called something different, sure; but the thrust of energy that propelled that very first Super Hyphy two years ago remains. He's the biggest artist in the Bay Area, without a doubt." As the rollercoaster that has been Super Hyphy grinds to a halt next weekend, it's imperative to look among the celebration, among the commemoration, among the covert blunts and indiscreet dry-humping, toward some sort of vision for that future. I don’t know. I am designing them because I’m gonna have to wear them everyday. Mistah F.A.B. Couldn't have said it better myself!! BallerStatus.com: Have you found that the appreciation for hyphy came out of the blogger/hipster scene? An evolution? Despite such abandon, something strange happened in the last six months: the public suddenly became discriminating. Additionally, HyPhy features support for parallel computing environments (via message passing interface). As long as they can remain undaunted by the biters, players and copycats who have driven hyphy into the dirt, they're perfectly capable of rising from its ashes to create a new future for Bay Area hip-hop. If you register, we will be able to notify you of code updates and other news. What do you have to say to those people? COMEDY IS DEAD: CHRIS ROCK RETURNS TO THE STAGE, MODESTY IS DEAD: THE OBAMA CRUSADE CONTINUES, THE OBAMA CRUSADE BOUNCES BACK FROM THE DEAD. T-shirts, jeans and Nikes is terminology for me being on the corner, on the streets. BallerStatus.com: What do you have after this album? The hyphy movement is a period of time where certain talented artists(mac dre, E-40, mistah Fab, etc.) The question almost seems silly to ask. Bay Area rap overall thrived for decades before the hyphy craze, and there's no reason at all to suspect that it will die anytime soon just because a high-profile phenomenon has run its course. I don’t know what’s going on. Would they bring anything original to the plate? Keak Da Sneak: Right now I’m not sure. Suddenly, everyone and their mother was in on the secret. I can sell you that better than I can tell you that. In the ensuing months, the inaugural Super Hyphy North of the Gate turned into Super Hyphy Reloaded, then Super Hyphy Halloween and Super Hyphy Holiday--all of them packed. Keak Da Sneak: I do, when I’m at home, yadadamean? That night I hooked up with [Bay Area mixtape king] DJ Vlad and we went to Alchemist’s spot to listen to some tracks and Prodigy was there.

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