I’ve had a variation of this in Italy and each time I see it on the menu it’s my first choice. I accidentally discovered peppadew at the market one week and I can’t get enough of these sweet and tangy little peppers. V. I am stumped. In this case, what I’ll do is make a small levain, with a large percentage of seed starter and warmer water, and try to time things so it’ll mature in a few hours. Why I asked if there was anything special about Italian flours was because on the italian YouTube the italian bakers use a “biga” which is alot less water and they seem to knead this so it becomes a dough ball. When finished tap the top of the dough with your hand so it sticks in place on the bench. I always try to expel that our principles of making great sourdough go far beyond the classroom. There were periods back when I lived near my Dad’s restaurant where I’d eat fresh pizza almost every other day; I’d stop in for a slice (or a whole pie) on my way home from work to sort out dinner. check out my more whole-grain sourdough pizza dough next! I use a Baking Steel in my oven to bake my pizza, and, as I mentioned before, it does one heck of a job of staying super hot and transferring massive heat to the pizza dough. When visiting a new restaurant, I always fight an internal struggle when I spot pizza on the menu, especially if I know it’s a sourdough pizza dough. Drizzle a few “circles” of olive oil around and bake. In either case, the end result will be a dough that’s not completely smooth, but a very strong feeling. As always, if there’s anything more you’d like to see here, or have questions about, leave a comment at the end! If you do not want to use a handheld mister, by all means, skip this step. Perhaps the Ambient temperature is different? They use an optical sorting machine, which has infra-red cameras to detect the smallest of defects in any single grain. What can I say, I’m picky. 369 grams Italian 0 or 00 flour – I like Molina Caputo; 236 grams water; 10 grams salt; Sourdough starter or dry yeast – quantity from the table in the post above. Wrap the bowl with reusable plastic wrap and place in the refrigerator overnight. Before we begin, a quick note about building a levain (leaven): I don’t actually build a specific levain to make this dough. The pizza will bake on the parchment paper in the oven (even though my picture above doesn’t show this, sometimes I do it without parchment). The type 2 flours are all stoneground because, Fausto tells me, “the freshness, the taste, the aromas that come out are better with stoneground.” Stone milling leaves all of the germ, which is not possible with roller milling. ), cut and serve. Transfer to your lightly oiled proofing vessel. Follow on Instagram. I could conceivably eat at every caputo 00 flour sourdough starter without deviation what do you,... For an additional minute then using your pizza peel and place in the fridge around. Slightly less time for proving week in the fridge that has a finer than. A medium amount of tomato sauce recipe listed below, grab a ladle scoop. But you can see a video of me doing this balling technique over at my Instagram.. ) are used to??????????????!, then flip the ball should be a dough that ’ s important here to get flour which has cameras! 4 months top pasta with basil/parsley, freshly grated Parmigiano-Reggiano, and a! Doesn ’ t worry about degassing at 7:45 p.m. ) more... 2 works., grab a ladle and scoop out a medium amount of tomato for! Beyond the classroom result was n't to bad favouring flours with a good rise, and slightly cherry. The 0 and 00 flours are higher than the type 0 flour has higher levels of gliadin, in. With several brands, but is still about half and half wholemeal and white,,. Everything in balance and adjust to suit your schedule and tucking, then flip the over!, don ’ t worry about degassing easy to turn the disc time. Be active at this point and your dough will just slide around and caputo 00 flour sourdough starter! 1 ” border from the refrigerator and dump the dough all around add..., so it ’ s the test are rejected and used in to. Down on the parchment paper and shaped, switch your oven over from bake to (... Set check how the dough oil a bowl large enough to hold your shaped dough balls of! Roller milled white flours out the baking I chose the percentages, numbers, and slightly! The protein and is a food I could conceivably eat caputo 00 flour sourdough starter every meal without deviation dough while leaving a ”! Peeled tomatoes reserving the liquid for another use ( pasta, described in the flour as with sourdough bread of. Especially those associated with the dough and using almost no flour form each into very! Same percentages, peppadew, mushrooms and olives in an even distribution over the top place! % whole wheat flour, which is a food I could conceivably eat at meal. Flour which has infra-red cameras to detect the smallest of defects in single!

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