The main factors that contribute to the popularity of hemp are: isolation, lightweight material, stretchiness (suitable for earthquake-prone areas) and of course, availability. Some years later, the use of intravenous drugs and the invention of modern medicines have set cannabis aside (sadly). Due to the strong fibres and needs of the working class in quality and robust clothes, Levi Strauss made his first jeans from hemp fibre. At the beginning of the development of the auto industry, refined hemp seed oil was used as a fuel source, until the oil industry and prohibition “eliminated” eco-friendly hemp. It is produced by cold pressing of hemp seeds, which contain an ideal ratio (for humans) of omega 3 & omega 6 essential fatty acids. Also, fibre and paper quality is much better. At first it was used by the poor and as a livestock feed, but when people started to expand their knowledge, they found out that hemp/cannabis has numerous benefits to offer. hemp products with a full spectrum of cannabinoids. In the early 1900’s numerous medicines included “secret ingredient” – cannabis. Your personal data will be used to support your experience throughout this website, to manage access to your account, and for other purposes described in our privacy policy. For the majority of health problems that can be relieved by hemp/cannabis, it is recommended to use the whole (full) spectrum of cannabinoids as they work best in synergy (entourage effect). Those characteristics represent an important factor in how cannabis is sown and grown. In these crazy times, self-care is even more important. In 1800s interest for hemp medicines went sky-high. We’ll learn more about what each specific cannabinoid does, including those other than CBD or THC, as well as terpenes. The greatest responsibility lies within us – we must educate ourselves, as we can improve quality of life, contribute to cleaner soil (hemp/cannabis proved to be very effective in removing heavy metals from the soil), reduce unnecessary environmentally unfriendly products (plastic bags, packaging, etc.) Hemp is almost always sown only a few 10 cm apart, while cannabis is usually planted up to few meters apart. Many wonder: Are CBD vapes safe? That lead to, that not only poor people were using it, but upper classes started using it as a food supplement. This had led to the fact, that those antiepileptic properties were already known in the middle ages. Are CBD Vapes safe? In these crazy times, self-care is even more important. One of the earliest uses of hemp was as a food source. Because seeds can have many beneficial effects, rich people started consuming them. It was mainly used for post-natal bleeding, gout, ulcers, toothache and fever, but it proved to be effective in other areas as well. Do we really have to say anything more? Cannabinoids can be divided into three groups: One of the major breakthroughs in understanding cannabinoids is definitely the clarification of the molecular structure of the two most abundant (and most important) cannabinoids THC & CBD. In these crazy times, self-care is even more important. However, little is known about how organic farmers view this crop. Even though most of hemp cosmetic products have added only hemp seed oil, CBD (or even better – full spectrum extract) is being added to numerous cosmetics. Hemp/cannabis can be divided into three subspecies: Cannabis sativa, Cannabis indica & Cannabis ruderalis. The isolation of individual cannabinoids and the subsequent discovery of the endocannabinoid system (its discovery is considered to be the second most important discovery in the history of medicine, immediately after the use of sterile technique) led to a renewed interest in cannabis. But because of growing pressure, it is necessary to search for solutions that will not have a major impact on their insatiable hunger for money. Interesting fact – the 1914 10$ bill was printed on hemp paper and the picture on the backside portrays farmers plowing hemp. The most obvious difference between hemp and cannabis is in its appearance. With hemp and/or cannabis we can prevent the onset, relieve symptoms and even eliminate numerous problems: Despite the fact that many beneficial effects of cannabis have already been proven and people have known them for millennia, there are still prejudices about the use of cannabis for medical purposes. CBD can effectively deal with autoimmune diseases (greatest potential is in epilepsy treatment), inflammation, psoriasis and many of the problems listed above. Even though we can’t say that hemp fibres are the softest ones, we can surely agree that they are one of the strongest fibres that are also resistant to mold, salt and UV light. Millennia ago, hemp/cannabis was used as an anaesthetic (Chinese word for anaesthesia – mázui (麻醉) in literal translation means hemp/cannabis poisoning), for removal of blood clots, tapeworm, treating haemorrhoids, eyeball pain, headaches, digestive issues, afterbirth pain,…. Sometime between that era, it was illegal for farmers to not grow hemp – otherwise, they were sent to jail. Most cannabis strains don’t contain much CBD (usually even less than 1%), while hemp strains can contain up to 3% of Cannabidiol (CBD). Hemp has a huge potential for replacing numerous raw materials. This figure could be much smaller, because, in contrast to trees, hemp grows very fast (it is an annual plant). Nowadays, hemp bio-plastic is used for manufacturing car parts, furniture and many other eco-friendly products. Statements made on this website have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. Cannabis was all about being high and THC for decades, but this trend is rapidly changing, as people are becoming more educated/informed about other cannabis compounds, like CBD. Why Hemp Knowledge Vapes Stand Apart From the Crowd. Endocannabinoids – cannabinoids that are produced in our bodies, Phytocannabinoids – plant-based cannabinoids that are found in hemp, cannabis and some other plants, Synthetic cannabinoids – cannabinoids produced in laboratories. Bricks, blocks, concrete and insulation (hemp wool) can all be made from hemp. Even though, that every subspecies has different growth properties, all of them contain similar or identical compounds. These properties led to the production of ropes and sailboats (in addition to clothing) for centuries. It depends on the brand and product. Throughout history, knowledge about cannabis and hemp was constantly enhanced. As we mentioned earlier, it is said that hemp was the first intentionally grown crop for textile production. Flour is rich in dietary fibres (as they are present in larger particles), hemp protein powder, as the name says, it’s richer in protein (which is found in smallest particles of hemp seed cake). So, what exactly are cannabinoids? By replacing conventional building materials with industrial hemp, we can also improve the quality of life. July 19, 2020; Self Care In the Time of Pandemic. This led to numerous researches, which only confirmed many beneficial effects of hemp/cannabis, that it was used for millennia. The medicinal properties were written down by the then reigning emperor – Shen Nung (The Red Emperor). Hemp fibres are hypoallergenic – they do not cause allergies and irritated skin (except with few individuals). The answer is: Maybe. You may not have known yet, but there are several types of cannabis/hemp tea that can be prepared from various cannabis/hemp parts. Cannabinoids, which can be consumed with cannabis tea or mature hemp tea (for the ingestion of cannabinoids, it is necessary to add a bit of fat to the tea, as cannabinoids bind to it), we can help to relieve and eliminate many problems (listed in the section Hemp as medicine). Cannabidiol doesn’t have psychoactive properties – even better (for someone who doesn’t like to be “high”), it can counter psychoactive effects of THC (recent study said that in smaller quantities, CBD can enhance psychoactiveness, but in higher, it can counter/ease it). With young hemp tea, we can help detoxify the body, prevent the formation of kidney stones, improve digestion and many more. That happened in 1963-64 by an Israeli scientist, Raphael Mechoulam. Your email address will not be published. The first printed book – the Gutenberg bible (it is said, that it is the most valuable book today) was printed on hemp paper. The most obvious example is in the production of paper and textiles, as each year about 7 million hectares of forests are cut (also for other purposes). In addition to durability and resistance, hemp fibres and cultivation to acquire them, has numerous benefits and positive effects on the environment: As it is already known, hemp has tens of thousands of uses, and some of them are also in the construction industry. Copyright © 2019 Hemp insulation is an excellent ecological substitute for glass and stone wool and has similar insulating properties as the latter. Sign up for our newsletter and be informed about the recent posts, news and special offers. We've found a way to make that happen. Welcome to Hemp Knowledge Shop Now The best tasting natural unflavored Oral Tincture on the market Welcome to Hemp Knowledge • Solid terpene profile provides a pleasant, floral natural taste • Rich in linalool, a particularly relaxing terpene • Non-detect levels of THC on 3rd party testing. Nowadays, hemp is rapidly gaining popularity between constructioneers. This is just one example of how we can make a better planet. In approximately 400 A.D. the Yin Pang mummy was discovered in the area of China. Hemp seed cake is packed with protein, dietary fibers, vitamins and minerals. As this industry evolves, so will the science. Hemp seed oil also has numerous benefits and it can be used on its own (skincare, haircare and nail care) or it can be added to various products: Cannabinoid receptors are spread throughout the whole body, including the skin. At retail smoke shops, many will be price sensitive and go with less expensive options, and those are the ones that […], This is our first blog post. The COVID-19 pandemic has turned the world upside down. If you liked this article, sign up for our weekly newsletter and stay up to date with fresh news about hemp from around the world. Today, they are mainly used as an additive to various foods, flakes, salads, protein bars, smoothie-s, deserts, chocolates,… Hemp seeds can be roasted, germinated and eaten as fresh sprouts, or we can even prepare hemp milk from them. We’ll often post updates about our products, or just interesting news about hemp or CBD that we come across. Related Post. Required fields are marked *, Hempika d.o.o. That’s why at Hemp Knowledge we’ve lowered our prices during the pandemic. Primorska Technology Park Mednarodni prehod 6 5290 Šempeter pri Gorici Slovenia, EU. in China. Both products are vegan-friendly, don’t cause any allergies and are great sources of protein. Cannabis/hemp tea is mainly used for its beneficial effects and pleasant relaxation. It is hard to say with certainty when hemp isolation was used for ships, but we can surely say, that it was B.C.. According to known records, hemp/cannabis was first used for its medicinal properties sometime between 2838 – 2698 B.C. Cannabinoids are terpenophenolic chemical compounds that activate (or should I say bind to) cannabinoid receptors that are spread throughout the whole body. As we mentioned earlier, hemp/cannabis is being used for its medicinal properties for almost 5000 years. I agree that my e-mail can and will be used to inform me about the latest news and special offers. This receptors are “responsible” for effective absorption of cannabinoids that can be found in growing number of cosmetic products CBD balm, CBD face cream,…). As a consequence, the plant is much smaller, as it can grow only a few decimeters in height. Hemp is usually higher in growth, has narrow leaves, few branches and small flowers. Industrial hemp (Cannabis sativa), has been proposed as a new crop that might be of interest to organic farmers in the North Carolina and other states in the United States. In those moments where we feel like we need to relax, CBD remains a good option to turn to without psychoactive effects.

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